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TESOL Trainers provides experiential approaches to K-12 professional development that empower educators with powerful, SIOP strategies and practical TESOL techniques they can immediately implement in their classroom contexts.

Dr. John Kongsvik

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Scaffolding Professional Development
Scaffolding is one of the most misunderstood concepts in teaching. TESOL Trainers can help educators improve how they scaffold the design and delivery of any lesson.
Engaging Students in the Classroom
TESOL Trainers can show K-12 teachers how to engage every student with the language, the content, and one another 90-100% of the time.
TESOL Strategies Professional Development
This highly interactive and inspiring workshop provides today's K-12 educator with 8 TESOL strategies that have a profound impact on Multilingual Learners in the content area classroom.
Remote K12 Professional Development
TESOL Trainers provides highly interactive online staff development for K-12 educators on any topic. We can make it an engaging and empowering experience.
ESL and World Languages Teachers Professional Development
TESOL Trainers provides high quality professional development and peer coaching programs for ESL and World Languages Teachers.
Working With English Learners Professional Development
TESOL Trainers, Inc. provides experiential professional development which show teachers concrete strategies they can use to scaffold their ELLs to success.
Active Listening Strategies
Active Listening is Active Learning. TESOL Trainers can help all teachers turn every student into an active listener in three simple steps.
Reflective Teaching Practices Professional Development
TESOL Trainers can provide powerful PD that helps educators understand the science behind reflective teaching practices and simple strategies to continuously raise one's own awareness level of what ha...
Academic Vocabulary Professional Development
If vocabulary acquisition is a priority at your school, your teachers need A.V.E. (Academic Vocabulary Excellence). We have the key to helping your teachers master teaching vocabulary effectively and ...

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5 Star Rating
John Kongsvik did a fantastic job teaching varied modalities, groupings, domains, practice, and support to use with my students. I am excited to take the information I learned today and use in my own classroom!
Crystal Crites
5 Star Rating
Very engaging presenter! Today went by faster than I thought it would, and I'm taking some great strategies back to my classroom. KUDOS!
Christina Seiler
5 Star Rating
Dr. Kongsvik is so lively and keeps everyone engaged the ENTIRE time. The best professional development I have ever attended! So many wonderful strategies to begin using in the classroom right away!
Esmeralda Vargas
5 Star Rating
Best PD that I attended. John kept our attention as we engaged in the lessons. I have acquired so many meaningful lessons that I could use in my classroom.
Linda Beaudry
5 Star Rating
The trainer, John Kongsvik, was tremendously effective. He managed to oversee an online professional development in which all of the participants were engaged and learning. Great experience!
Julie O'Connor
5 Star Rating
John was awesome. It was probably the best PD I have attended even virtually. He was so engaging and supportive in all aspects of the training across the two days. I would love to have him come to our school.
Allyssa Kriner

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Online PD Program

Prefer online courses? TESOL Trainers offers remote K-12 Professional Development

John Kongsvik and his team of TESOL Trainers offer remote professional development for K12 educators. We provide engaging, empowering teacher training sessions on all of our popular K12 programs including:

  • SIOP Techniques and Strategies
  • TESOL Strategies for Content-Area Educators
  • Integrating the Four Domains of Language
  • Techniques for Teaching Vocabulary Online
  • Scaffolding Students into Success Online
  • Peer Coaching Programs for Remote Teachers
  • Engaging Students with Online Learning
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Innovative Online PD Program

A virtual PD course that actually inspires

Whether the teachers are novice instructors or veteran educators, we will inspire them to implement our practical strategies the day after the PD has ended.

Because we offer a lecture-free, 100% experiential approach to professional development, participants remain engaged in training from beginning to end.​

If you want your teachers to thank you after attending this training, contact John Kongsvik to schedule this one-of-a-kind PD.

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