About TESOL Trainers

TESOL Trainers specializes in professional development for K-23 educational institutions that serve English language learners {ELLs} and disadvantaged student populations.  

‚ÄčWe provide experiential professional development that will transform the way teaching and learning occur! ¬†


Excellence in Teaching and Learning

TESOL Trainers provides educators with the knowledge, skills, and awareness they need to prepare students for the 21st century and achieve excellence in teaching and excellence in learning.

Our professional development engages everyone 100% of the time.  We use the experiential learning cycle to take teachers through a learning experience.  We empower educators with practical strategies that require little to no preparation but produce a maximum effect. 

What we offer


There are many reasons why TESOL Trainers is the right choice.

  • No One Stop Shop: TESOL Trainers tailor everything to the needs of every educational institution and offer specific solutions that support excellence in teaching and in learning.
  • No Lofty Theory: TESOL Trainers offer research-based, practical solutions and real strategies that clients can use immediately without hours of research or preparation.
  • No Lecturing: All programs are¬†highly experiential. ¬†Participants examine practical classroom applications.

Set Your Teachers up for Success Today!

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TESOL Trainers can give you a scaffolded approach to professional development.  We provide all inclusive professional development from the design and through the delivery.

We offer an experiential, peer-coaching approach to professional development that empowers everyone.

Educators leave feeling empowered and inspired to implement our strategies and techniques into their classrooms immediately.

Investing in professional development for your teachers can have a profound and lasting impact on teaching and learning.  We'll show you how!

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