SIOP Component #7:
Lesson Delivery

"Only awareness is educable." Caleb Gattegno

After 6 SIOP components, we are now talking about teaching the lesson.  The Lesson Delivery component of Sheltered Instruction invites the teacher to consider how every step in the lesson moves the students closer to the lesson's objectives.

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SIOP's four features found under Lesson Delivery relate to what students are doing and how they are interacting with the content, the language, and one another.  The first two features ask that teachers make sure what their students are doing is moving them towards owning the lesson's objectives.  There are times when we get lost taking a tangent or time gets eaten up doing something that doesn't necessarily move the students any closer to owning the objectives.  This component also challenges teachers to make sure that students are engaged 90-100% of the time.  Measuring student engagement is an important feature of lesson delivery as is the pacing of the lesson.  The latter can have a positive or negative impact on both engagement and learning.

Students learning from teacher in SIOP class

Features of Lesson Delivery

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SIOP asks teachers to make every step in their lessons count.

Time is the most precious commodity we have in teaching.  One way to manage time effectively is to insure that every step in your lesson belongs.  Whatever the students do (or don't do) either leads them towards or away from the SWBAT.  This is a good rule of thumb to use when planning and evaluating your lesson plan.  If the step or activity we chose doesn't get the students closer to owning the lesson's objective, it's taking them further away from it.  SIOP, especially this Lesson Delivery Component, helps us determine whether our lesson plan is the most effective and most efficient. 

Lesson Delivery - SIOP Component 7

The right kind of delivery sets the students up for success. Making sure that every step (or nearly every step) supports the objective, engages the students, and is paced appropriately is where the teacher's control ends. From there, the learners have to do their part. As Gattengo reminds us, teachers can only teach awareness; every other subject falls beyond their control.  This makes every step in our lesson a precious opportunity to boost student awareness and nudge them toward owning the objectives of the lesson.

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