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With 8 components and 30 features, the SIOP Framework covers all aspects of designing, delivering, and reflecting on a lesson.  TESOL Trainers can provide K-12 professional development on SIOP that gives a broad overview of the framework and its components.  TESOL Trainers also offers in-depth teacher training on all 30 SIOP features.

The SIOP framework is comprised of 8 categories of 30 features (sometimes called objectives) that instructors should strive to meet when planning, teaching, and reflecting on the learning.  Teachers use this framework to make sure they are doing all they can to support every learner in their classroom.  

For example, the first component, Lesson Preparation, is an excellent guide to use when planning to make sure students have the content and language support they need.  The component on Lesson Delivery challenges teachers to keep students engaged 90-100% of the time.  This is something that teachers can prepare for, observe, and reflect on as they develop an understanding of SIOP and an ability to use to to improve teaching and learning in their classroom contexts.

Sheltered Instruction supports all teachers and all learners.  The SIOP framework is helpful in raising teachers' awareness as to what they are doing to support their students and what else they can do to set them up for success.  

SIOP Components Unpacked

Below is a complete list of the 8 SIOP Components and 30 SIOP Features.  For a more in-depth look at each of the components, follow the links below:

  1. Lesson Preparation
  2. Building Background
  3. Comprehensible Input
  4. Strategies
  5. Interaction
  6. Practice & Application
  7. Lesson Delivery
  8. Review & Evaluation

These 8 components hint at the focus of the features that make up each category.   As you can see from the list below, Lesson Preparation has 6 features; all of the other SIOP components have 3 or 4 features.  Perhaps that shows how important lesson preparation is to lesson execution.  If you examine all of the features, you may notice a number of things:

  • Language plays just as an important role as content does.
  • Everything should lead towards the learning objectives.
  • Integrating the four domains of language is mentioned twice.
  • It's not just the what that is important; it's also the how.
  • It's critical to give students a volume & variety of meaningful activities.
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John Kongsvik and his team of trainers can provide your teachers with a host of supportive tools that can help them understand the SIOP framework and how it can be used to improve teaching and learning.  In addition to our interactive training sessions we also offer small group support sessions, and peer coaching components that assist teachers as they consciously strive to change their teaching practices. 

We work with schools and school districts to design a professional development program that will transform the way teachers teach and learners learn.  Whether you want one workshop or ten training sessions, we can help create something that meets your needs and those of your educators. Let us know what you're looking for; we can provide it.

TESOL Trainers makes SIOP PD accessible for all K-12 teachers!

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TESOL Trainers' SIOP training helps teachers understand how we are all language teachers and gives them strategies they can use to set all of their students up with the language they need to be college and career ready.

TESOL Trainers' SIOP professional development for K-12 educators will help teachers engage their students meaningfully 90-100% of the time with the language, the content, and one another.  Teachers leave with scores of SIOP strategies they can implement the next day in their classrooms.

Principles & Practices of SIOP

Did you know that TESOL Trainers offers short and long term professional development on SIOP?  We offer multi-year professional development support and peer coaching to insure that educators are successfully implementing 90-100% of the SIOP strategies in their classroom contexts.  Changing one's teaching practices requires more than attending one workshop.  Many teachers need additional support to assist them in the transformation.  TESOL Trainers empowers educators with an understanding of the cycle of change and how to manage it successfully.

If you want to see how TESOL Trainers' approach to K12 professional development is, take our virtual PD on SIOP now!

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